What Amazon’s NFL Deal Means for the Rest of the Streaming Industry

As if Americans really needed one more reason to cut the cord!

In a move that seems like it could really be just the tip of the iceberg, Amazon (AMZN) finalized a deal to hold exclusive broadcasting rights to NFL’s Thursday Night Football, for $1 billion over 11 years.

For the past couple of years, Amazon has been sharing rights to stream the game on its Amazon Video platform with Fox, but now, if fans want to tune into any out-of-market games on Thursday night, they’ll need to head over to the streaming app, starting in 2023.

As amazing as this will be for the e-commerce juggernaut, Amazon, it has further positive implications for other big streaming names like Roku (ROKU) and Fubo TV (FUBO).

Simply put, with the NFL’s move to Amazon, diehard football fans, will soon have one less reason to hold onto their cable boxes, and switch over to streaming platforms exclusively. This is where Roku and Fubo could become major beneficiaries. Roku has become the leading streaming hub for non-cable viewers, existing in 51.2 million homes, as of the fourth quarter of 2020. In addition, Roku’s hub is factory installed in 38% of the new smart TVs sold in this country, otherwise, you can buy a Roku dongle for as little as $30 to use on non-smart TVs.

Once these diehard fans decide to ditch the cable box or satellite and make the jump to streaming services for Thursday night games, this is where we’ll really see Fubo TV shine. The company has long been known for its “sports first” approach to streaming, offering roughly three dozen sports channels among its 120 or so live TV options, which will surely make it stand out to sports enthusiasts. On top of that, FuboTV is also expanding into the sports gaming market, with a new FuboGaming division.

With this push into the burgeoning market of sports betting, the company plans to launch an integrated sportsbook app within the FuboTV experience, allowing viewers to bet while watching games. Citing Zion Market Research, FuboTV says online wagering will be a $155 billion industry in 2024, and the company hopes to leverage its latest deals with Balto Sports and Vigtory, to offer its subscribers free online betting options.

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