Eli Lilly Touts Strong Therapeutic Results, Which Could Play Well in the “Anti-Vaccination” Market

It’s no secret that the world, American especially, is split on the merits of the COVID-19 vaccine.

While the number is somewhat decreasing, whether politically driven, a genuine question of necessity, or concerns over adverse side effects, you don’t have to go far to find people with no immediate plans of signing up for the vaccine. A new poll from the CDC in early February found that while this number decreased from its December poll, nearly one-third of people surveyed still say they don’t intend to get the vaccine.

Well, for those vaccine detractors, Eli Lilly’s (LLY) might have just the ticket. The drugmaker recently received strong results for its combination antibody therapy, which decreased the risk of hospitalization and death in Covid patients by 87%, according to a new study of 769 high-risk people with the disease.

The two-antibody treatment was authorized for emergency use by the FDA last month. However, Eli Lilly said the findings of the latest study further demonstrate the benefit of using the antibody drugs to treat Covid, after the previous study in January revealed the risk of hospitalization was reduced by 70%.

Daniel Skovronsky, chief scientific officer at Eli Lilly said the combination therapy has the benefit of offering greater protection against new strains of COVID-19 and he remains optimistic about further use moving forward:

“I expect this data to continue to drive more utilization” of the antibodies.”

Therapeutics used to treat COVID-19 aren’t new to the market, but it’s encouraging to see a drug that can help prevent even newer strains of the virus is progressing as well as it is, giving patients a very viable alternative.

Originally published by Reuters.com

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  1. Jaggersden

    Anybody refusing the vaccination should have to wear an certain colored armband.

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    • Wall Street Wire

      Ha! Interesting. Like the good ole scarlet letter.

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