Not So Fast! As Travel Stocks Gear Up for a Rebound, Many Places Are Still Off-Limits

As vaccination campaigns start to gaining steam in some countries and the travel industry begins to see investors rallying behind companies decimated by pandemic-fueled shutdowns, a substantial chunk of the world still remains off-limits to international tourists.

A new report from the United Nations World Tourism Organization found that as much as one-third of destinations around the world remain closed with just over half of them off-limits for 40 weeks.

Even more, 34% of destinations remain partially closed, while 32% require testing or quarantine and just two percent have had restrictions lifted. The report states that out of 69 destinations that have completely closed their borders, 30 are in the Asia/Pacific region, 15 are in Europe, 11 are in Africa, 10 are in the Americas and three are in the Middle East.

Infographic: A Third Of Destinations Remain Closed To International Tourism | Statista

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