With the Pandemic Putting Retirement at Risk, Upcoming Tax Hikes Could Pose Bigger Threat

Did the pandemic force you to change your retirement plans? In this week’s Wall Street Wire broadcast, contributing editor Rodney Johnson, along with Charles Sizemore of Sizemore Capital join us to discuss the shocking poll results from Fidelity that revealed 82% of Americans have had their retirement plans impacted by the pandemic. The group debates

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Video: Vizio IPO Selling Wall Street on Future of Streaming Business, Will Investors Buy In?

In this video, we’re talking about the upcoming Vizio IPO. Vizio is best known for selling quality high-definition televisions at an affordable price, having sold an impressive 80 million TVs since 2002. But, with seemingly everyone jumping into the streaming game, Vizio’s major pitch to Wall Street isn’t just about its ability to sell TVs,

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Video: Bond Spike Tanks the Market, Travel Stocks on the Rebound & Is Tesla’s Newest Contender for Real?

In this week’s Wall Street Wire broadcast, contributing editor Rodney Johnson, and Charles Sizemore of Sizemore Capital join Dave Okenquist to discuss how rising bond yields caused the Dow to sink over 500 points on Thursday. The group also takes a look at how airline and cruise stocks have bounced back this week. Is it

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Video: Musk Doubles Down on Tesla Success By Hitching His Wagon to Bitcoin’s Risky Future

In today’s video, Dave outlines the danger of Bitcoin and Tesla (TSLA) having their fates tied together. Bitcoin is receiving billions of dollars of institutional support from companies like Microstrategy (MSTR) which put $1 billion into the digital currency, and Telsa, which just sank $1.5 billion into Bitcoin. But is it all enough support to

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Video: Jay Powell Signals Higher Inflation, Energy Stocks Surge & Why Uber’s Booze Delivery Is a Huge Deal

In this Wall Street Wire broadcast, Dave Okenquist chats with contributing editor, Rodney Johnson and special guest, Charles Sizemore of Sizemore Capital to talk about the big moves from the Federal Reserve and how new legislation from Washington will impact your wallet. Hear about this topic and much more, including: Fed Chair Jay Powell plans

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