Video: Will Biden’s $1,400 Stimulus Shake Up the Markets? Is Coinbase the Next Big IPO Play of 2021?

  In his much-anticipated Covid stimulus bill, President-elect Biden is calling for most Americans to receive direct payments of $1,400, bringing the total relief to $2,000 after factoring in December’s $600 payments. In this special Wall Street Wire broadcast, our contributing editor Rodney Johnson and host Dave Okenquist bring on special guest Charles Sizemore, to

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U.S. Blacklist Puts Alibaba in Hot Water… Just How Much is on the Line?

Investors particularly interested in Chinese-based companies have almost assuredly come across Alibaba (BABA). For years the Chinese-based e-commerce giant has been lauded for its incredible upside in a massive market and has drawn natural comparisons to Amazon (AMZN). At a fraction of the cost, investors have rushed to Alibaba, which and has provided great returns

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