Is Amazon Really Going to Save Movie Theaters?

Or perhaps a more fitting headline would be, should Amazon (AMZN) save movie theaters? Wednesday afternoon, Amazon and the now-notorious AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC) found themselves in the middle of the wild speculation once again, that the e-commerce powerhouse might soon by acquiring the beaten-down movie theater company. Yesterday, an article appeared in Forbes France, citing

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Zuckerburg Backtracks to Become ‘Arbiter of Truth’ on… Climate Change?

Just exactly what everyone runs to Facebook (FB) for… it’s global warming fact-checkers. Well, maybe some people. Regardless, the issue of climate change is a fairly divisive topic, and a little surprising to see Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg willing to die on that hill, especially considering his remarks on free speech last May. Sitting in

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Uber’s Big Miss Doesn’t Mean a Thing About its Huge, Long-Term Potential

Yesterday the rideshare giant, Uber (UBER) missed pretty big in terms of expected revenue over the company’s fourth quarter. Looking at revenue generated from ride bookings, Uber missed expectations by about 7%. But given what’s been going on in 2020, this shouldn’t come as a complete shock as the pandemic has ravaged the rideshare industry.

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