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America is So Done With Covid! Itching to Get Out of the House, Riders Flock Back to Lyft in Mass Numbers

Earlier in the week, we looked at the mass number of travelers who anxiously returned to the air over the weekend, in record numbers. Just on Friday and Saturday alone, last weekend the Transportation Security Administration screened more than 1.3 million people, setting a new high since the coronavirus outbreak devastated travel a year ago.

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Is the Big Mac a Thing of the Past? McDonald’s Looking to Capitalize on Chicken Sandwich Craze

Does anyone eat hamburgers any more? Seriously. Between the rise of the Impossible Burger, the BeyondMeat (BYND) Burger, and a host of new chicken sandwiches from Popeyes (PLKI), Wendy’s (WEN) and more, has America lost its taste for the classic hamburger? Trying to keep pace with an evolving fast-food market, McDonald’s is hedging their bets

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Intel Launches Anti-Apple Campaign, Bringing “the Mac Guy” Over to the Dark (or Light) Side

Back in November, Apple (AAPL) made an announcement that many had long thought was a foregone conclusion. The tech giant made headlines when it said it would be officially moving on from its longtime partnership with Intel (INTL), which has been outfitting Macs with chips since 2007. With the fantastic performance of Apple’s Phones and iPads, the

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As States Reopen, Anxious Travelers Flock to the Skies in Record Numbers

Just about a month ago, airline stocks began creeping back up on the hopes of a quicker-than-expected vaccine rollout. Since then states have begun reopening, easing restrictions on businesses, just as the weather begins to warm up across the country. And, not so surprisingly, anxious travelers have responded accordingly, doing their part to help the

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