Possibility of a New U.K. Lockdown Delivers Another Blow to Airlines

As if airlines haven’t already been handed a pretty lousy hand in 2020, it looks like it could be getting worse across the pond. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reportedly planning more strict, virus-preventing measures, which may include instituting another, “mini”, two-week, national lockdown after the government’s top scientists issued a frightening forecast about

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Boeing in Hot Water with Congress After “Cutting Corners” to Get 737 Max Back in the Air

After two 737 Max 8 crashes, which occurred a mere five months apart last year, killing 346 people, Boeing (BA) was already on this ice. Months after Boeing’s 737 Max 8 flown by Indonesia’s Lion Air plunged into the sea, the now-notorious airliner operated by Ethiopian Airlines crashed in March 2019, grounding the planes across

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