With Frontier Airlines Going Public, Will Investors Get the Same Bargain as its Customers?

Over the past few years, the market for affordable, bargain-friendly airlines have really taken off as budget-minded travelers gain more access to the air. Within that market, names like Southwest (LUV) and Spirit Airlines (SAVE) have been growing in popularity, especially among younger — millennial and gen z — generations of domestic jet setters, while

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As States Reopen, Anxious Travelers Flock to the Skies in Record Numbers

Just about a month ago, airline stocks began creeping back up on the hopes of a quicker-than-expected vaccine rollout. Since then states have begun reopening, easing restrictions on businesses, just as the weather begins to warm up across the country. And, not so surprisingly, anxious travelers have responded accordingly, doing their part to help the

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Million Dollar Question: Will Biden Fuel More Momentum for Steel Stocks Than Trump?

The presidential campaign trail is filled with a lot of lip service and promises typically go unfulfilled. This isn’t breaking news to anyone. Looking back to the campaigns that took place before the 2016 election, President Trump built a platform on reviving the U.S. manufacturing sector. Over the course of his administration took several measures

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