Like a Runaway Train, Bitcoin Breaks $20,000 and Keeps Chugging… Are You Sold Yet?

Cryptocurrencies are divisive subject. You’re either all in on the “future of currency” or you think it’s just another fad for nerds, that will eventually blow over. But, either way you look at it, bitcoin doesn’t seem to be blowing over anytime soon. Quite the opposite in fact. Yesterday, the popular cryptocurrency broke through $20,000

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New Fintech IPO Pioneering New Wave of Digital Payments… Without Interest

Interest-free payments!? Sounds too good to be true! In our increasingly-cashless world, the age of digital transactions could be undergoing yet another revolution, making large-scale purchases more attainable for average customers. The financial technology company, Affirm, which will soon go public and trade under the ticker symbol AFRM, currently allows e-commerce customers to split purchases

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Robinhood Eyeing Up Potential 2021 IPO as Milennails Flock to Platform

The company Robinhood, and its stock-trading platform, was founded in 2013 by two Stanford University graduates, who set out “on a mission to democratize finance for all.” Robinhood has gained popularity over the last couple of years, particularly with novice, millennial investors because of its commission-free, mobile-trading app that offers people the ability to invest

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