Forget Toilet Paper, We Could Soon Have a Mouthwash Shortage on Our Hands!

Probably not for the reasons you might think, but it’s possible we could soon be seeing mouthwash selling like… well, toilet paper. No, bad breath is not a new symptom of COVID-19. But, according to research conducted at Cardiff University, mouthwash containing the ingredient cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) “show[s] promising signs” of reducing the COVID-19 virus.

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Amazon Inching Closer to World Domination… One Industry at a Time

Can Jeff Bezos be stopped? It appears even this summer’s Congressional antitrust hearings weren’t enough to slow down the e-commerce mogul. With Amazon’s (AMZN) latest announcement today, Bezos inches one step closer to world domination all in the name of capitalism. The e-commerce, video and music streaming, and “same-day” delivery juggernaut that dwarfs even its biggest

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Savvy Investors Flock to Ulta on the Heels of Major Target Deal

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about how this pandemic has completely upended traditional consumer shopping habits. It’s become increasingly less likely this holiday season will see the usual droves of shoppers moseying around shopping malls, going from store to store. More likely than anything, shoppers will

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