Are the Days of Traditional Commercials Numbered? Walmart Turns to TikTok for Livestream Ads

It could be the “big-box store” moniker or possibly the fact that’s been a retail staple for the bargain-minded consumer for nearly 60 years now. But for whatever reason, Walmart (WMT) is still associated with being a traditional retailer, compared to it’s biggest e-commerce foe, Amazon (AMZN), the company is trying to change that. This

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Wall Street Buying into Online Car Shopping Trend… Are You Sold?

Maybe you’ve seen those giant, glass towers displaying cars on the side of the interstates and highways across the country. Other than wondering, “how the hell did they get those cars up there,” you’re probably asking yourself what, or who exactly is Carvana (CVNA)? Well, it’s not a traditional dealership, and those giant, glass-monolith-like display

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Despite Massive Recall, General Motors Plows Ahead on Investor Optimism

It’s been a busy few months for General Motors (GM). The U.S.-based automaker made a big splash over the summer after inking a deal with EV startup, Nikola (NKLA) to produce the company’s recently introduced hydrogen, fuel-cell electric pickup truck, the Badger, by the end of 2022. This announcement was quickly followed by fraud allegations against

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