Buyer Beware: New Generation of Social Media Traders Jack Up Gamestop Shares 583% Higher Than Average Forecasts

Last week we highlighted the pandemic-induced surge of amateur day-traders, who have been blamed for the market’s wild valuations. The wave of novice investors, who have now turned to social media apps like TikTok for trading advice, are squeezing after conceivable ounce of profit they can from the stock market, forcing many analysts to wonder

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Your 2021 Gun Play: As Firearm Sales Reach Record High in 2020, Ammo Shares on the Rise

Let’s certainly hope we’re buying so many guns as a form of self-defense. With a wild year we just had across the country, that’s very possible. But for whatever reason, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) reports that, according to FBI background checks, Americans purchased an estimated 21 million firearms last year, a whopping 34%

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Video: Will Biden’s $1,400 Stimulus Shake Up the Markets? Is Coinbase the Next Big IPO Play of 2021?

  In his much-anticipated Covid stimulus bill, President-elect Biden is calling for most Americans to receive direct payments of $1,400, bringing the total relief to $2,000 after factoring in December’s $600 payments. In this special Wall Street Wire broadcast, our contributing editor Rodney Johnson and host Dave Okenquist bring on special guest Charles Sizemore, to

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