With its Biggest Detractors Now Eating Crow, Bitcoin Could Be Starting a Monetary Revolution

Bitcoin has been on an absolute tear in 2020, rallying over 150% while crypto enthusiasts rejoice and credit unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus brought on by the pandemic. But something else is happening too… some of the digital currency’s biggest detractors and big-name investors seem to be coming around as well, turning into bitcoin-believers. As

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In Historically Slow Months, Housing Starts and Home Buying Surge… But Will it Last?

This time of year, businesses in cyclical industries like real estate typically start winding down a bit. But this is 2020… there’s nothing “typical” about it. After a pause around election time, mortgage applications have picked up right where they left off. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, applications to purchase a home rose 4%

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With Treasury Yields on the Rise, It’s Time to Check on Those Bonds in Your Portfolio

Will this time be different? As news of Pfizer’s (PFE) vaccine results and two different approved therapeutics from Gilead (GILD) and Eli Lilly (LLY) rocketed around the world, investors sold their bonds and used the proceeds to buy stocks of companies that should benefit from an economic revival, such as bank stocks and high-yield securities.

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