Trump Unexpectedly Signs COVID-19 Relief Package and Federal Spending Bill, Averts Government Shutdown

After months of negotiations and foot-dragging in Congress, while millions of Americans remain out of work, the second Covid-19 stimulus bill is officially law. The package should give a boost to stocks and pump more money into the economy through consumer spending. Last Tuesday, President Trump said he wouldn’t sign the COVID-19 relief package and

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As the Pandemic Beer Binge Drives Aluminum Prices Higher, Could it Be Time for Inflation?

Typically, inflation conjures up pictures of rising prices at the grocery store, gas station, or department store. It makes sense because that’s where we end up paying the higher price, but typically the reason for the increase happened long before goods hit the shelves, back at the raw material stage. Well, that’s what’s currently happening

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Slowing Recovery Be Damned, Home Builders Plow Ahead to Meet Historic Demand

The stock market is soaring, yes. But while the broader economy continues to sputter and even more businesses grow further in danger of shutting their doors for a good… another industry keeps thriving. As Americans continue the mass migration from cities to suburbs, homebuilders like Lennar (LEN), D.R. Horton (DHI), Toll Bros. (TOL) and more continue working overtime to

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Like a Runaway Train, Bitcoin Breaks $20,000 and Keeps Chugging… Are You Sold Yet?

Cryptocurrencies are divisive subject. You’re either all in on the “future of currency” or you think it’s just another fad for nerds, that will eventually blow over. But, either way you look at it, bitcoin doesn’t seem to be blowing over anytime soon. Quite the opposite in fact. Yesterday, the popular cryptocurrency broke through $20,000

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