Further Proof That Not Everyone Completely Understands Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

In a moment of irony, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde called for global regulation of Bitcoin. This totally misses the point of why the cryptocurrency was invented in the first place. The developers of bitcoin, and eventually its initial adopters, specifically want a monetary and asset class that is not controlled by state actors.

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JPMorgan Sees “Big Upside” in Bitcoin, Believes it Could Be the New ‘Gold’

Add one more big name to the growing list of supporters getting behind the digital currency revolution. This week, just before bitcoin eclipses $40,000, JPMorgan (JPM) analysts said they think people will soon begin treating digital currency, particularly bitcoin, like gold, and eventually value it the same way. If investors start thinking of the two

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Today’s Senate Runoff Elections Has Cannabis Industry on the Edge of its Seat

No industry is keeping an eye on today’s Senate run-off election in Georgia like the cannabis sector. Cannabis stocks briefly popped in November after President-Elect Biden was declared the election’s winner, but leveled off when it appeared more likely the Senate could remain under Republican control. The industry saw another surge in early December after

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