In a Cannabis Sector Budding With Profit Opportunities, One Stands Out Above the Crowd

For years the cannabis industry has been passing legalization only on a state-by-state basis, long tempering the enthusiasm of the industry’s investors. But now, with a Democratic-majority House and Senate, investors are finally riding high on optimism that federal legalization of marijuana appears within grasp. And in a cannabis industry booming with potential, there’s one

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While Bitcoin Soars, Ethereum Keeps Pace and Draws its Own Bullish Forecasts

It’s hard to ignore the Bitcoin rally, which as of Wednesday, took the digital currency past $52,000. Not to mention, celebrities like Elon Musk and institutions like JP Morgan (JPM) have been providing all the hype the cryptocurrency could ever want, but truthfully, doesn’t need. But, while Bitcoin is taking all the glory, the world’s

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America Jokes About Zillow Obsession, But Wall Street is Dead Serious About the Hype

Last weekend, the folks at SNL had a good time poking fun a the longtime millennial obsession that’s gone mainstream in 2020. We’re talking about the growing pastime of poking around home listings on Zillow (Z). In the ultimate form of window shopping, American millennials, who have become notorious for being a generation of spenders,

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