In a Cannabis Sector Budding With Profit Opportunities, One Stands Out Above the Crowd

For years the cannabis industry has been passing legalization only on a state-by-state basis, long tempering the enthusiasm of the industry’s investors. But now, with a Democratic-majority House and Senate, investors are finally riding high on optimism that federal legalization of marijuana appears within grasp. And in a cannabis industry booming with potential, there’s one

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Today’s Senate Runoff Elections Has Cannabis Industry on the Edge of its Seat

No industry is keeping an eye on today’s Senate run-off election in Georgia like the cannabis sector. Cannabis stocks briefly popped in November after President-Elect Biden was declared the election’s winner, but leveled off when it appeared more likely the Senate could remain under Republican control. The industry saw another surge in early December after

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Likelihood of Rep-Controlled Senate Harshes Buzz of Cannabis Stocks

With a number of major legislative issues on ballots across the country this year, industries like cannabis were eagerly awaiting the results of yesterday’s election. Yesterday New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota and Montana passed policies that legalized recreational marijuana for adults 21 and older, while Mississippi joined South Dakota in approving medical marijuana, sending major

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Kamala Harris Helps Cannabis Industry Climb Back After Stagnant Growth

Ok, let’s be blunt (sorry). In a year defined by quarantines, lockdowns and record food-delivery sales, one could easily the stars would have aligned to send cannabis sales sky high (sorry, again). Instead, the industry finds itself riddled with regulatory delays, slower-than-expected retail store openings, and a persistently strong black market have all weighed on

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