Put Those Credit Cards Away and Get Your Crypto Wallets Ready!

Well, it’s finally happening. Popular digital payment platform and longtime champion of digital currencies, PayPal (PYPL) is paving the way for mainstream cryptocurrency transactions. And today the company — and the world of cryptos, themselves — took a massive step forward when it announced it will begin allowing U.S. consumers to use their cryptocurrency holdings

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The Fed is “A-Ok” With Cryptos, Just as Long as Congress is On Board… What’s the Point?

Several countries around the world are already experimenting with central bank digital coins (CBDCs). And as a growing list of major U.S. companies and financial institutions step up to embrace the future of cryptocurrencies, the “independent” central banking system waits for approval from Congress. If the entire point of digital currency is to be traded

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PayPal the Latest Big Name Buying into the Future of Cryptocurrencies

The list is growing. Several major companies have already begun making sizable investments in Bitcoin and the shortlist includes Tesla (TSLA), Mastercard (MA), MicroStrategy (MSTR), Square (SQ), among others. These big investments come after many companies have begun hyping up the legitimacy of the popular crypto in the future. Square CEO Jack Dorsey recently said

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A Sign of the Times… and the Future Ahead, JPMorgan Latest Big Firm Looking to Fill Vacant Offices

Due to COVID-19 pandemic-led lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, fewer people have been going into the office. This isn’t breaking news. But the mass adoption of remote work has prompted many companies across the country to reassess the need for real estate. When you don’t need to fill office space with employees, it’s bad business to

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