Here’s Why a Switch to Digital Currency Might Be Just What We Need

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and central banks are beginning to fret over what could happen if enough consumers start use digital currencies instead of national currencies. Some of the controversy is of their own making, as some central banks consider issuing central bank digital currencies (CBDC) to combat the rise of private cybercurrencies, such

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Kamala Harris Helps Cannabis Industry Climb Back After Stagnant Growth

Ok, let’s be blunt (sorry). In a year defined by quarantines, lockdowns and record food-delivery sales, one could easily the stars would have aligned to send cannabis sales sky high (sorry, again). Instead, the industry finds itself riddled with regulatory delays, slower-than-expected retail store openings, and a persistently strong black market have all weighed on

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Will Rates Keep Buyers in the Market? Or Will Rising Prices Win the Day?

Rising home prices continue to be somewhat an anomaly of this recession as further economic uncertainly ensues. Through the summer months, all three major categories: new- home, pending and existing-home sales, as well as mortgage applications have been on a climbing trajectory. And despite the state of the greater economy and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, the National

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