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What Should Investors Take Away from the Fed’s Latest Update on its Roadmap to Recovery?

Fed Governor Lael Brainard was singing the market’s song on Wednesday, and investors should have been listening loud and clear. The central banker said that the U.S. economy remains far from the Federal Reserve’s goals for employment and inflation, further saying that monetary policy will continue to provide support until further progress has been made.

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With Record-Low Interest Rates, At-Risk Companies Are Borrowing Loads of Cash While Savers Get Nothing

Economists and political pundits like to point out that the record-low interest rates we’ve been seeing over the past year make it easy for people and governments to borrow, which helps the economy grow. What they often skim over, however, is the fact that these low rates also help companies that shouldn’t be borrowing anything,

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Will Last Week’s Gamestop Madness Lead to Tighter Regulations?

Well, this was bound to happen. And it looks like the Fed’s bringing all of its muscle. Today, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced she will be meeting with the heads of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Reserve board, the New York Fed and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission to discuss “whether recent activities are consistent with

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Why Are Stocks Shooting to the Moon? The 12 Largest Economies Printed 14 Trillion Dollars This Year

The global economy has not recovered from the pandemic, and in many ways, we’re going in reverse. But stock markets around the globe don’t seem to care.  Stock investors appear to be ignoring economic reality… or are they? There is one giant explanation for why stocks are shooting to the moon even as economies around the

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For Better or Worse, If the Fed Wants to Fight Climate Change… Deal With It

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Now if only central bankers would learn this lesson. On Friday, Federal Reserve Board Governor Lael Brainard explained why the central bank should be addressing climate change. Brainard said: “The Federal Reserve has been making important progress in laying the groundwork to incorporate climate considerations

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