U.S. Wholesaler Numbers Looking Strong… But Will They Stay Strong Enough for Long?

The economy was tracking for pretty good growth before COVID-19 infections surged again. Sales by U.S. wholesalers increased more than anticipated in October, rising 1.8%, following 0.4% growth in September. This was fueled by wholesalers who stocked more stuff, pushing up inventory by 1.1% in October after a 0.9% climb in September. Stocks of lumber,

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Despite Record Stock Returns, the U.S. Services Sector Presents a Scary Trend

Coming out of November, headlines were dominated by the impressive returns produced by several different markets over the 30-day span. Investors couldn’t have been happier with what their accounts looked like on December 1st. While financials, tech and energy sectors all flourished, another sector was lagging behind, which could speak much more to the greater state

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