About Us

It’s hard to know what information you can trust to help you reach your financial goals.

At Wall Street Wire, we help you drown out the noise of the day to uncover only the stock news that truly matters to your bottom line – so you don’t have to.

To do this, we scour the vast financial media universe looking for the most unbiased and relevant coverage of the markets.

We publish only the most critical market news of the day – stories about companies that often reveal the untold truth of an entire industry and even the state of our economy.

By thoughtfully publishing content from sources across the media spectrum, our goal is to help you make your own financial decisions instead of guessing what will happen next.

After all, that’s all anyone can do. 

Regardless of the flashy data you see reported by many financial pundits, no one owns a crystal ball. The fact is, even those “experts” are merely guessing about what’s next.

On any given day, under normal circumstances, the market will swing 1% or less. But the headlines you read as the market closes would have you think it’s anything but normal.

Time and again, the financial media hypes up these ordinary market swings to be so much more because it’s great for ratings and clicks.

The truth is, the events of any given day and the fact that the market was up or down can be completely independent of one another.

And if you base your financial decisions on these fluctuations and the overreactions of the pundits on the media, you’re not going to be happy with where your bottom line ends up.

This is why we do not provide you with opinions and commentary based on speculation, sentiment or gut feelings.

The stories we share are free of the guessing and speculating that typically amount to nothing more than noise in a media landscape filled with over-hyped claims of stock-picking prowess.

It’s time to take the power back from the media hype machines and arm yourself with a resource that keeps your biggest financial decisions in your own hands.

In the end, it’s your money and you deserve to have a reliable, impartial source of information you can trust to help you make the best decisions for your financial future.